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A Ride I’m Waiting For Cassette + Brooks Long Sleeve + Bonus Track “Easy Is A Red Flag (Alternate Mix)”

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A Ride I’m Waiting For Cassette + I Hope That She’s Real T-Shirt + Bonus Track “Easy is a Red Flag (Alternate Mix)”

Ships sometime in June 2024.

11 Tracks + Digital Download of Bonus Track “Easy is a Red Flag (Alternate Mix)”

Limited edition, first press, red-colored cassette shell

Collectible die-cut album sleeves feat. photos by Pamela Littky. Design by Daniel Devoy.

Side A:

Tropical Cowboy

Lucky Star

Lucky Star Coda (Super Nova)

Easy is a Red Flag

Without Eyes (feat. Sierra Ferrell)

Chew My Heart Out

Side B:

The Coral Vine

Pour Me Some (TLC)

From Now On

A Ride I’m Waiting For

No One’s Perfect, Amen

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