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A Ride I’m Waiting For Cassette + Brooks Long Sleeve + Bonus Track “Easy Is A Red Flag (Alternate Mix)”

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*This item is on preorder and is scheduled to ship sometime in June 2024. Any order containing this item will ship complete at that time. BONUS TRACK DELIVERS IMMEDIATELY WITH PURCHASE.

A Ride I’m Waiting For Cassette + I Hope That She’s Real T-Shirt + Bonus Track “Easy is a Red Flag (Alternate Mix)”

Ships sometime in June 2024.

11 Tracks + Digital Download of Bonus Track “Easy is a Red Flag (Alternate Mix)”

Limited edition, first press, red-colored cassette shell

Collectible die-cut album sleeves feat. photos by Pamela Littky. Design by Daniel Devoy.

Side A:

Tropical Cowboy

Lucky Star

Lucky Star Coda (Super Nova)

Easy is a Red Flag

Without Eyes (feat. Sierra Ferrell)

Chew My Heart Out

Side B:

The Coral Vine

Pour Me Some (TLC)

From Now On

A Ride I’m Waiting For

No One’s Perfect, Amen

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